Moving Checklist

Getting Ready for Moving Day

Moving house is a stressful time, especially with a family to think about, but with some forethought and organization you can make it go as smoothly as possible.

8 weeks before

  • Sort through your belongings and get rid of the stuff you don't want or need.
  • Find a good moving company. Get full information:
    • Is transit insurance provided?
    • Are their employees bonded? What are their reference-checking procedures?
    • Have them do a on-site written estimate for your move.
    • Ask for a list of items they won't transport.
  • Have important records sent to your new providers:
    • Medical, dental, and veterinary histories
    • School transcripts
  • Take care of medical needs
    • Have medical/dental examinations if due
    • Get referrals for doctors/dentists in your new city
  • Create a file for all your moving paperwork, receipts, etc. (It's tax deductible!)

7 weeks before

  • Go over vehicle and home insurance policies and make necessary changes
  • Finish up consumables
    • Eat your stored food, donate extra cans and bottles to your local food pantry

6 weeks before

  • Cancel or transfer any local memberships, such as gyms, food co-ops, and local associations
  • Separate out valuable items you want to move personally, such as jewelry, personal documents, items of sentimental value etc.
    • Do you need to take them with you in your car or can they be shipped separately?

5 weeks before

  • File official change-of-address notices with your banks and credit card companies, cell phone provider, post office, magazine and newspaper subscriptions etc.
  • Tell your attorney, accountant, and other professional services about your move so they can file any necessary paperwork
  • Start purchasing moving supplies: boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, markers etc.
  • Start packing. Seasonal and rarely-used items can go into their boxes now. Make sure you properly label them with their contents and destination in your new home

4 weeks before

  • Double-check your move date with the moving company
  • Arrange for utilities to be cut off in your old residence and turned on in the new one
    • Electricity
    • Water
    • Gas
    • Sewer
    • Garbage pickup
    • Telephone
    • Cable/internet
  • Figure out how you'll move your pets. Will they need to be boarded?

3 weeks before

  • Have your car inspected and serviced if necessary - you don't want it breaking down mid-move!
  • Get rid of items you can;t put in the moving truck, such as old paint, propane, cleaning supplies etc.

2 weeks before

  • Double-check travel arrangements for children, pets, plants, valuables etc.
  • Finish up your food and get an ice chest for food you;re planning to move with you
  • Pack suitcases for all family members with clothes for the first few night in the new house, toiletries, and prescriptions.

1 week before

  • Pack a box of new-house necessities: toilet paper, plates and utensils, cleaning supplies, etc.
  • Get outdoor equipment ready for moving: drain the water from hoses, gas from lawnmowers, and so on
  • Have prescriptions filled
  • Notify your credit card company of your move date so extra expenses don't get flagged as suspicious
  • If your house is going to be empty for a while after you move, notify the local police department so they can keep an eye on it.

The day before

  • Be there to supervise the movers
  • After everything has been moved out, go through the house from top to bottom to make sure nothing gets left behind.
  • Leave a note welcoming the new owners with your new address so they can forward any mail.